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4th August 2015

V6PQG6IAlbert Parody has been a man of his words and has treated all players the same with an equal chance to succeed. During his time at the club and the immense exposure granted by UEFA, you could say that Agents have been in contact with Albert via social media from all parts of the World.

Egypt is no exception and we have seen the growing respect between club and country which has seen Mohamed Badr’s loyalty and commitment grow. It was inevitable that the Club would invest in Badr.

A media source from Egypt spotted the relationship and took the decision to write a short article about the man himself that fought against the odds in making Lynx one of the most respected clubs in the Premier League.

Mohamed Badr has come from a very humble background with a huge love for his family. Moving to Gibraltar was the biggest decision he has ever had to make till date and the support from Albert has been nothing but of a father figure and wishes Badr the very best as he has done with all of his players.

Egyptian Source


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