News ArticleAlbert appoints new CEO at the Club

31st December 2017


Commercial and Marketing Director Jonathan Costa is appointed as the club’s Chief Executive Officer.

Jonathan has headed the Commercial and Marketing department for an extended period. His most memorable moment came when he took on the challenge of organising the club’s first UEFA Futsal Cup Group games in Gibraltar which was regarded by UEFA as a decisive turn in Gibraltar’s Futsal history.

He took full responsibility for bringing in sponsorships and set up their first online presence which attracts over 45’000 visits every month across 35 countries. Owner Mr Albert Parody said he played a significant role in the growth of the club during the last couple of years and was a crucial member in making suggestions within the Committee.

Jonathan later added “It is a real honour for me to be considered for the role but I have to thank the team as a whole. This is a football club, and nothing is achieved on an individual basis. We all win, and we all lose, but we never surrender. We have all worked hard at the club, and it’s great to see that a club has managed to maintain such a high standard without a single investment.”

Jonathan also praised the Futsal Team saying “How can we ever forget the success Nick and his team have achieved over the past few years. I just admire their work ethic on and off the court, and I am forever their admirer.”

The club brings in new faces for the turn of the new year with Sebastian Fernández appointed as Head of Sporting Talent and Enzo Leonel Fernández as the Marketing officer.


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