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30th June 20150

Lynx FC Futsal Team becomes Premier League Champions 14/15 and qualifies for the UEFA Futsal Cup 15/16.

The UEFA Futsal Cup is an annual Futsal competition for European club teams organized by UEFA. It was founded in 2001 and replaced the Futsal European Clubs Championship, an unofficial competition held since 1984. The final of the first edition was disputed as a single game in Lisbon, while the following four editions were decided over two legs. Since 2006–07, the winner is decided through a final four tournament.


We also received further news that the Tournament has been given to the Gibraltar FA to host by UEFA. This means that not only will Lynx FC be playing their home games in Gibraltar but fans in general will also be able to see other teams in the group battle it out between themselves right here in Gibraltar. This is an amazing occasion for the Community as Gibraltar will be transforming into the focal point of the group games being played under the UEFA Futsal Cup 15/16.

Everyone will be able to enjoy an historical event hard to replicate. This is a historical moment for Football in Gibraltar and will surely live in the memories of the local community for many years to come.

Gibraltar will be booming before and during the event which will take place from the 25th – 30th August which Local business and tourism will increase significantly and granting the opportunity to Local Fans to have the facility to attend without having to travel thousands of miles to watch their team compete.

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